Education trust accused of Islamist ‘Trojan Horse plot’ receives hate mail

Park View schoolThe trust that runs schools at the centre of claims of a Islamist “plot” in Birmingham says it has received hate mail after a series of leaks purporting to come from Department for Education and Ofsted investigations were published in the media.

Park View education trust, the governing body of the Park View, Nansen and Golden Hillock schools in Birmingham, said that the leaks and disclosures were “causing unwarranted and unnecessary alarm amongst families who are seeing reports of their schools ‘closing’ and teachers being ‘removed’ alongside any number of other sensational allegations.

“And just this morning one of our schools received hate mail, which we can only conclude is a direct consequence of media reporting,” it said.

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Teachers complain about behaviour of Ofsted inspectors investigating ‘plot’

Teachers from Birmingham schools being investigated by Ofsted over an alleged Islamist takeover plot have reportedly been told their schools will be downgraded because they were “not teaching anti-terrorism”.

Other teachers were asked by Ofsted inspectors if they were homophobic, according to Roger King, the National Union of Teachers’ executive member for Birmingham, who said he had received complaints from members whose schools were being investigated in one of several inquiries into the alleged plot. “You do question how objective Ofsted were when they went into those schools,” King said.

The claims come as Sir Michael Wilshaw, the chief inspector of schools in England, announced he was going to Birmingham to take personal charge of the investigation into 16 schools in the city, amid media reports claiming all the schools had been downgraded after visits by Ofsted inspectors.

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Man who shot at Illinois mosque sentenced to probation

David ConradA man accused of firing a high-powered pellet gun at a Morton Grove mosque in 2012 was sentenced to 30 months probation after pleading guilty Friday.

David Conrad, 51, pleaded guilty to felony reckless discharge of a firearm and knowingly damaging school property, court records show. Judge Garritt E. Howard sentenced Conrad to 30 months probation, records show.

The incident happened about 9 p.m. Aug. 10, 2012, while worshippers were celebrating the holy month of Ramadan at the Muslim Education Center, 8601 N. Menard Ave., police and mosque officials said at the time.

Though the damage to the building was minor, there were about 500 people inside the mosque for prayers at the time of the shooting, and many kids from the congregation were outside of the building during the service, the Sun-Times previously reported.

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Racist thug fined for damaging mosque at EDL rally

Connor McIntosh with EDL banner outside Mosque of Sunderland
Connor McIntosh (right) with EDL banner outside Sunderland Jami Masjid

A racist thug has been fined for damaging a mosque after a far-right rally in Sunderland.

Connor McIntosh launched the attack on the Jami Masjid mosque in Chester Road, Sunderland, drunkenly kicking a drainpipe. The 19-year-old had been at a demo over proposals for a new mosque in Millfield on March 30. He was arrested after being captured on CCTV lashing out at the building. Sunderland magistrates were told how he ranted about Islam and bragged about being a member of the EDL during his interview with police.

He pleaded guilty to causing racially-aggravated criminal damage.

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Far-right protest outside London Central Mosque

EDL and Britain First London Central Mosque April 2014

LONDON:  Members of the racist English Defence League (EDL) staged a protest outside Regent’s Park Mosque here during Jummah prayers, attempting to spark confrontation between the worshippers and the EDL but the Metropolitan police intervened to stop the break out of violence.

Dozens of EDL members arrived outside London’s historic mosque for the timing of Jummah prayers to provoke the worshippers into a confrontation but it’s believed that at least three people arrested belonged to the EDL. A spokesman of Scotland Yard told The News that “a man has been arrested for attacking the police and two are in custody for causing affray during the protest”.

The turnout for Jummah prayers due to the Easter Holidays was more than the usual and arrangements were made also in the car park of the mosque to accommodate thousands who had turned for the prayers.

The EDL protestors, draped in England flags and most of them drunk and abusive, arrived half an hour before the prayers and started shouting racial epithets over their own loudspeaker, accompanied by patriotic music such as “God Save the Queen”. They called Muslims “terrorist scum”, “go back to your countries”, “Muslims not needed”, “shut down the mosques”.

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Tristram Hunt endorses ‘Trojan Horse’ hysteria

Birmingham Mail jihadist plotTristram Hunt, the shadow education secretary, will warn on Saturday that “the pursuit of a divisive religious extremism” – as shown in an alleged conspiracy to take over schools in Birmingham – threatens to undermine Britain’s modern multicultural society.

Hunt’s remarks to the annual conference of the NASUWT teaching union in Birmingham follow the uncovering of a dossier named Operation Trojan Horse, claiming to reveal a plot to overthrow teachers and governors insecular state schools in the city and run them on strict Islamic principles.

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Athens mayoral candidates clash over mosque plans

Aris SpiliotopoulosOn Thursday, New Democracy‘s candidate for Athens mayor, Aris Spiliotopoulos, was accused of toeing his party’s ultra-nationalist line by Gavriil Sakellaridis, main opposition party Syriza’s runner for the same position.

Sakellaridis made a clear reference to Laos, which used to be the most right-wing party in Greek Parliament until the sudden emergence of Golden Dawn, declaring that “Spiliotopoulos is running on a LAOS 2012 platform”.

Spiliotopoulos, a former minister of education and tourism, had called for a referendum in Athens on plans to construct a mosque in the city, in an interview on the Greek broadcaster Skai TV on Thursday [pictured]. He strongly opposed the idea, claiming that the capital does not need “another pole for illegal immigration”.

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