‘Go back to your f****** Muslim country’: Kiwi couple charged over Brisbane assault

A Kiwi couple who told a father and son to “go back to your f****** Muslim country” have been charged with assault in Australia.

Bronson Tamarama, 24, and Jayne Rikkiti, 25, allegedly punched a 15-year-old boy in the face during an fight at a local produce market in Brisbane in September. According to News Corporation, a father and his son were allegedly told by Tamarama to “go back to your own country…I will call my boys.”

Police said the victims were yelled at and sworn at by a carload of men. A punch was allegedly thrown at the father but missed and he fell back into a counter. Those who witnessed the attack and tried to intervene were also attacked.

Both Tamarama and Rikkiti have reportedly appeared in a Brisbane court and have been charged with two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm.

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Hamilton, New Zealand: Man arrested over racial abuse and assault at mosque

Hamilton police are praising worshippers at a city mosque who, despite being subject to alleged physical assault and racial abuse, showed restraint and helped facilitate the arrest of a suspect.

City Area Commander, Inspector Greg Nicholls, says police were called to the mosque on the corner of Heaphy Tce and Boundary Rd shortly before 1am. Members of the Islamic community were at the mosque cleaning it in preparation for morning prayers when they became subject to a tirade of racial abuse, Mr Nicholls says.

He says the victims wisely chose to ignore the abuse, however the intoxicated offender climbed a fence, entered the mosque’s grounds and allegedly assaulted one man and spat and swore at others. Instead of retaliating, the victims phoned 111 and police found the suspect at a park across the street, Mr Nicholls says.

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New Zealand: Woman fined for abuse of Muslim student wearing veil

A foreign student had nightmares after a shopper in a Dunedin supermarket told her to either take off her burqa or leave New Zealand.

Farm worker Yuet Rappard appeared before justices of the peace in the Dunedin District Court yesterday and was found guilty of offensive behaviour and fined $500 for telling a student to remove her burqa on May 17.

Rappard, representing herself, did not dispute that she told a University of Otago student to take off her burqa at Gardens New World, but told the court she was expressing her freedom of speech. “I said, ‘Shame on you, you should take it off. When in Rome you should do as the Romans do’.”

Rappard, who moved to New Zealand from the Netherlands when she was a child, believed burqas should be banned and felt “intimidated” when she saw people wearing them.

The student, whose identity was suppressed, said being shouted at, first when she was at the checkout and then a few minutes later outside the supermarket, left her shaken. “I was crying and shocked. I just felt lonely and scared,” she told the court. She had since had nightmares and the incident had affected her studies.

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New Zealand cab driver subjected to rant by anti-Muslim racist

Tariq HumayunPolice are continuing to investigate an incident where a Kiwi man subjected a Pakistan-born taxi driver to a torrent of racial abuse.

Tariq Humayun, a taxi driver for Invercargill Taxis, captured the exchange on his iPhone and it has since gone viral. The taxi passenger has been identified as Gregory Shuttleworth, who is believed to be aged in his mid-40s.

In the recording, Mr Humayun is polite and appears to remain calm throughout the racist tirade which began after he picked up the Southland technician just after midnight on Friday. Mr Shuttleworth describes Mr Humayun as an “Islam prick” during the exchange, and demands to have another taxi. “I’ll pay you your $7 when you tell me that you’ll piss off back to the country where you come from,” he said.

Mr Humayan says he does not want to argue with Mr Shuttleworth and will leave. “You shouldn’t be in New Zealand in the first place … we don’t require your Muslim bulls*** in this country,” Mr Shuttleworth can be heard saying.

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One Nation defends anti-halal stance, denies racism

The One Nation Party has invited opponents and supporters to have their questions about the party answered, when Pauline Hanson speaks on the Sunshine Coast next week.

Jim Savage, the party’s lead Senate candidate for Queensland, said the party had been wrongly labelled racists by Member for Noosa Glen Elmes and Greens candidate for Fairfax David Knobel. The issue arose after One Nation’s Fairfax candidate Mike Holt was last week linked to stickers claiming halal food certification funded terrorism. “I do not accept that 98% of non-Muslim Australians should pay a tax on the food they buy and goes to organisations like the Queensland Islamic Council,” Mr Savage said.

Mr Elmes, the Queensland Multicultural Affairs Minister, compared One Nation’s views to “the White Australia Policy”, which “was discredited” decades ago. “Queensland is home to 37,000 people of the Muslim faith and they should be free to practise their religious and cultural beliefs without attack from idiots like the One Nation candidate for Fairfax,” Mr Elmes said.

Meantime, the Greens said Mr Holt’s “campaign strategy” was designed to “incite unrestrained racial and religious hatred”. “The Greens condemn this behaviour and call on One Nation to take a strong stand against this unwelcome and offensive affront to Australian values of tolerance and freedom,” Mr Knobel said.

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Police, locals deny claim that part of The Hague is a ‘Sharia triangle’

Wilders finds Islamofascism in The Hague
Wilders’ tweet in response to Trouw article: ‘Islamofascism is advancing in the Netherlands’

Claims by newspaper Trouw that part of The Hague’s Schilderswijk district is so dominated by orthodox Muslims they are dictating what people should wear and how they should behave, have been denied by both police and local politicians.

Under the headline “Hague district is orthodox Muslim territory”, Trouw said “short skirts and dresses are not accepted on the street”. The paper said the area, with a population of some 5,000, is known by locals as “The Sharia Triangle”. “Very slowly, the rules in the area are beginning to change,” the article said. “The norms of the majority are beginning to take over.”

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UN committee condemns News Zealand MP’s inflammatory remarks about Muslims

The United Nations has noticed NZ First MP Richard Prosser’s “Wogistan” rant about Muslims.

Reports about his magazine article calling for young Muslims to be banned from Western airlines went around the world and now the UN’s Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has had its say.

“The committee regrets the recent inflammatory remarks by a Member of Parliament vilifying persons from Central Asia or the Middle East based on their skin colour and country of origin as well as their religion,” it says in the New Zealand section of its latest report.

“It welcomes the strong criticism of such statements by the Minister of Justice and Ethnic Affairs and the Race Relations Commissioner, among others.”

Mr Prosser wrote in his column for Investigate magazine that most terrorists were Muslims. “Misogynist troglodytes from Wogistan are threatening our way of life and security of travel in the name of their stone-age religion,” he wrote.

Mr Prosser was reprimanded by NZ First leader Winston Peters and apologised for his remarks. Justice Minister Judith Collins, Prime Minister John Key and MPs from all the parties in parliament condemned him for making them.

Mr Prosser says he wrote the column because he was annoyed when his penknife was confiscated at Christchurch Airport.

3 News, 4 March 2013

‘Wogistan’ MP’s story about his pocket knife being confiscated wasn’t true

“Wogistan” NZ First MP Richard Prosser has blamed the confiscation of his much-loved pocket knife for his diatribe against Muslims and airline security, but it seems it was not taken from him and he still has it.

It is understood records of the Aviation Security Service (Avsec) show that the penknife was discovered at the Christchurch Airport security check on December 3 last year. Far from confiscating the knife, security officials “facilitiated” Prosser back to the Air New Zealand counter where the knife was put through as checked in baggage.

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Prosser offers ‘apology’ … in which he expresses contempt for Islam and calls for racial profiling of Muslims

Muslim leaders have rejected an apology by Canterbury MP Richard Prosser over his call for Muslims to be banned from Western airlines.

The list MP’s remarks provoked outrage yesterday, although NZ First leader Winston Peters refused to sack him and said he did not have to apologise. However, speaking on Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon show this morning, Prosser apologised. “I’m sorry … to the majority of peaceful, law-abiding Muslims who are not involved in terrorism.”

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