‘Go back to your f****** Muslim country’: Kiwi couple charged over Brisbane assault

A Kiwi couple who told a father and son to “go back to your f****** Muslim country” have been charged with assault in Australia.

Bronson Tamarama, 24, and Jayne Rikkiti, 25, allegedly punched a 15-year-old boy in the face during an fight at a local produce market in Brisbane in September. According to News Corporation, a father and his son were allegedly told by Tamarama to “go back to your own country…I will call my boys.”

Police said the victims were yelled at and sworn at by a carload of men. A punch was allegedly thrown at the father but missed and he fell back into a counter. Those who witnessed the attack and tried to intervene were also attacked.

Both Tamarama and Rikkiti have reportedly appeared in a Brisbane court and have been charged with two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm.

TVNZ, 29 October 2014

See also “Kiwi couple allegedly assaulted father and son, and told them to go back to Muslim country”, Courier-Mail, 29 October 2014