More anti-Muslim bigotry from Sun columnist Katie Hopkins

Nurun AhmedNot ever having watched a single episode of the TV show The Apprentice I admit I missed this, but on yesterday’s programme two contestants were “fired” by Alan Sugar for reportedly failing in their task of selling luxury candles.

One of them was Nurun Ahmed, who wears hijab. In response to her departure Katie Hopkins tweeted: “Nurun has left the building. Thank crap for that. The token headscarf wearer is no more.”

Can you imagine the response if Hopkins had tweeted a similar comment about an Orthodox Jewish contestant who wore a kippah? “Thank crap for that. The token skullcap wearer is no more.” She would be immediately fired herself, from her job as a Sun columnist.

But Hopkins can make obnoxiously bigoted remarks about Muslims and their faith and apparently get away with it.

Katie Hopkins Apprentice tweet