Eslöv holds demonstration in solidarity with firebombed mosque

Eslöv solidarity demo (2)

Sydsvenskan and Skånska Dagbladet report that two hundred people attended last night’s rally organised by “Tillsammans för Eslöv” (Together for Eslöv) in solidarity with the local mosque, which suffered an arson attack on Monday.

The demonstration called for security, freedom of religion and a Eslöv without violence. Speakers included Rebecka Barjosef of Tillsammans för Eslöv, Adnan El-Tahan of the Eslöv Islamic Cultural Association and the vicar of Eslöv, Cerny Erikson.

“We want people who are vulnerable to know there are those who stand up for them”, Rebecka Barjosef told Sydsvenskan. “There is nothing worse than silence when this kind of hate crime happens.”

Eslöv solidarity demo