Is Congressional Christian Brotherhood group behind GOP Islamophobia?

Capitol Minstries BachmannSheila Musaji notes that many of Congress’s leading Republican Islamophobes are members of an evangelical Christian organisation called Capitol Ministries. She writes:

“Looking through information on Capitol Ministries, it seems that they are not only anti-Muslim, but also anti-gay, and anti-Catholic. However, they seem to focus more of their venom on Muslims….

“How is it that of the 46 Congressional sponsors on Capitol Ministries list, at least 23 of them have been involved in anti-Sharia, anti-Muslim, Islamophobic activities? That’s at least 50% of the members of this group who seem to believe that it is a ‘Christian’ value to bash Muslims….

“These are people who have political power, and are using it to demean and demonize members of a minority religion.”

The American Muslim, 20 July 2012