Muslim speaker was misreported

A spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain who called for Dundee Muslims to “resist” police encroachments on personal freedoms has denied urging non-co-operation. Osama Saeed, an SNP candidate in East Renfrewshire at the last General Election, spoke on Monday night in Dundee at a meeting called Taking Liberties about the actions of Tayside Police Special Branch community contact unit (SBCCU).

“To claim that I advocated non-co-operation with the police is ridiculous,” he said. “The word non-co-operation is not there (in my speech) at all. We need to create better relations.” When asked if he was opposed to the SBCCU he said he was not opposed to the unit or the police per se but rather some of its methods.

The Courier, 8 November 2006

See Osama’s comments at Rolled Up Trousers, 8 November 2006