Footballer Shaun Tuck admits encouraging bomb attacks on mosques

Shaun Tuck (2)A footballer urged people to bomb mosques and joked about beheading Muslim children after soldier Lee Rigby’s murder.

Witton Albion’s Shaun Tuck admitted the Twitter rant but denied being racist, saying it was a “moment of madness”. Tuck, 26, of Norris Green in Liverpool, pleaded guilty to an offence under the Communications Act, city magistrates heard.

He wrote online: “All the mosques in England now should be bombed or gassed out!!!… Or stormed by 50 lads machetes, swords the lot. An make a statement. Am raging in me loft here yno… Got the balaclava out, dusted down an ready for the meet. I’d be going through there door mate an taking there kids head off an killing whoever was in site!!”

Lynn Clark, prosecuting at Liverpool Magistrates Court, said when questioned by police Tuck said he “had a moment of madness” after drinking large amounts of vodka, and denied he was racist.

Rachel Oakdene, defending, said Tuck earned £150 a week from football, supplementing his income with a job as a delivery assistant for a kitchen firm. The former Marine FC striker was supported in court by his club chairman Mark Harris to give evidence of his ‘good character’.

In further diatribes, he appeared to give his backing to the far-right English Defence League and urged them to seek retribution for the brutal murder of solider Lee Rigby by two Muslim maniacs in South East London in May. Tuck’s blast continued: “Go f**king nuts!!! About time this country fought back. EDL are in Woolwich now!! What I’d give to be there with them now #flop #flop #flop #curryheadseverywhere.”

He will be sentenced next week and magistrates were told a number of sentencing options could be considered, including prison.

Daily Mirror, 4 July 2013

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