The ‘double standards’ of the Crown Prosecution Service

Right-wing Islamophobe Adrian Morgan (of the notorious Western Resistance blog) joins the ranks of commentators expressing indignation at the behaviour of West Midlands Police and the Crown Prosecution Service over the Channel 4 documentary “Undercover Mosque” (on which, Morgan reminds us, “the respected journalist Martin Bright” acted as consultant).

Morgan charges the CPS with double standards, for prosecuting the leader of the “politically incorrect” (sic) BNP under the racial hatred law while refusing to take action against Muslim “preachers of hate”. This, Morgan opines, demonstrates that “law and order are not applied fairly to all”, i.e. that the state discriminates in favour of minority ethnic communities against the white majority. Which is, of course, the very same ludicrous racist fantasy that the BNP itself promotes.

Morgan writes: “The Crown Prosecution Service took the bizarre decision to prosecute Nick Griffin, the leader of the far-right British National Party, for statements he had made privately in 2004, but were filmed undercover by the BBC. Griffin had called Islam ‘a wicked and vicious faith’ that was turning Britain into ‘a multi-racial hell-hole’, and was prosecuted for inciting racial hatred. Twice. When he was acquitted by a jury for the second time on November 10, 2006, Gordon Brown suggested that race hate laws should be tightened – even though Islam is not, nor has it ever been, a race.

“The Crown Prosecution Service employs double standards. It engages in dogged attempts to prosecute the leader of a ‘politically incorrect’ party, while trying to have a documentary maker prosecuted for highlighting the genuine extremist statements made in some of Britain’s mosques. Yet it does not try to prosecute those preachers of hate – showing how law and order are not applied fairly to all. A free society should have a free press, a free media, and should allow its citizens to express their freedom of speech. Gordon Brown, who is now the unelected prime minister, would stifle all criticism of Islam under race hate laws, but Islamist preachers can apparently spew hatred of Britain, its people and its armed forces, with impunity.”

Family Security Matters, 21 August 2007

Although he reproduces it in his article, evidently Morgan hasn’t bothered to read the joint statement by West Midlands Police and CPS, which states quite clearly that it was the West Midlands Police who wanted to prosecute Channel 4 for inciting hatred and the CPS who rejected the proposal on technical grounds. But what can you expect from the idiot who once claimed that one of the individuals associated with Islamophobia Watch is the former secretary of the Workers Revolutionary Party!