Islamophobia Watch uncovered – shock revelations!

Over at Western Resistance (and the right-wing US website Family Security Matters) Adrian Morgan exposes two of the evil geniuses behind Islamophobia Watch.

Apparently Eddie Truman is “both a member of Britain’s Communist Party and spokesman of the Scottish Socialist Party”. This will come as a surprise to other leading figures in the SSP, who were under the illusion that Eddie was solely a member of their own party. Now that Morgan’s careful and painstaking research has uncovered this double-dealing, no doubt the SSP will be taking disciplinary action against the two-timing Truman.

As for yours truly, I was “formerly secretary of the Workers Revolutionary Party”. Damn! All those years secretly operating at the head of the WRP, hiding behind the cunning pseudonym “Gerry Healy”, and now I’ve finally been rumbled.

Though, to be fair, Adrian Morgan isn’t opposed to all lefties. He applauds certain “Marxist members of the left” who have condemned the alliance between socialists and Muslims that arose out of the anti-war movement, and he provides a link to an article by Alliance for Workers’ Liberty guru Sean Matgamna (or “Sean Mantegna”, as Morgan prefers to call him) which describes the SWP as the “socialist outrider for Islam in Britain”.

First Melanie Phillips expressing her admiration for him, and now Western Resistance – my, isn’t Sean a popular figure among Islamophobes.