Quran-burning pastor rallies outside high school in Dearborn

Speaking today outside a high school in Dearborn, Quran-burning pastor Terry Jones said he was there in a show of solidarity with non-Muslim students that he alleges are being bullied by Muslim students. It was Jones’ fourth rally against Islam in Dearborn over the past year.

School officials have dismissed Jones’ claims about Edsel Ford High School in Dearborn. But Jones — joined by about a dozen supporters with anti-Islam signs – said the bullying reflects the way Muslims act when they grow in numbers. Jones said he was contacted by several parents of students at the high school, which has a growing Muslim population.

“As long as the community is small, they don’t cause any trouble,” Jones said about Muslims amid a heavy police presence outside Edsel Ford. “As the Muslim community grows … their intolerance of other communities grows.”

Detroit Free Press, 10 October 2012

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