Neville-Jones repeats attack on multiculturalism, says Livingstone used it to ‘buy votes’, the website run by prominent Tea Party supporter Andrew Breitbart, carries an approving report of a speech at the Brookings Institution in Washington by the Con-Dem coalition’s minister for security, Pauline Neville-Jones. It quotes her as saying:

“Multiculturalism in its original form meant you were entitled to dignity, to fair treatment and equality, irrespective of your origin. It turned into, well, because you’re Sikh we’ll give you some money so you can be a bit more Sikh; you’re Muslim so we’ll give you a bit more money so you can be a bit more Muslim – more mosques, more this, more that.”

Multiculturalism was “a mistaken policy, and what it’s done on the whole is to entrench difference and compound it”, Neville-Jones stated, adding that “the then mayor of London was an exemplar of this, Livingstone would buy votes that way. Not literally, but certainly to curry favour”.

For an earlier attack on multiculturalism by Neville-Jones see here.