More racist nonsense about the Muslim conquest of Europe

While Europe SleptAnother plug for Bruce Bawer’s hysterical Islamophobic rant, While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West From Within, this one by Andre Zantonavitch:

While Europe Slept argues that while Europe is currently only about ten percent Islamic – vs. two percent for America – if present trends continue it will only take a generation or two for Muslims to become the majority. The once-noble Continent will become what Bat Ye’or in 2005 called ‘Eurabia’. The shocking claim by Gary [sic] Bawer is that well before 2050, most of Europe is likely to become an outpost of Islamdom governed by Sharia.

“The second theme is that Europe today is a hellhole of leftist multiculturalism, far worse than anything in America, and even far worse than almost anyone in America suspects. American expatriate Bawer – who has lived the past ten years in various European countries, mostly Holland and Norway – is almost uniformly horrified by every country he resides in or visits. According to him, political correctness and multiculturalism are ‘a habit of thought that in America is an annoyance but in Europe is a veritable religion’.

“Bawer excoriates his European friends for their propensity to display phony ‘respect’ and ‘understanding’ of the various foreigners in their midst, especially Muslims.”

Front Page Magazine, 2 June 2006