From portrayal to reality: examining the record of the EDL

Ryan Erfani-Ghettani exposes the double-talk of the English Defence League.

IRR comment, 8 December 2011

Just one small correction to this excellent article. It states that the Casuals United blog formally dissociates itself from violence. In fact CU’s position on violence is ambiguous to say the least, even if we restrict ourselves to their public pronouncements. They posted an article celebrating the burning down of a building in North Wales that was due to be converted into an Islamic centre, claiming this was the result of an EDL protest. And they boasted of their own involvement in an attack on a meeting in Lincoln where local Muslims were discussing plans for a new mosque (“Lincoln Casuals disrupt pro Mosque meeting“). Two of their members were charged as a result of the attack, one of whom was convicted of racially aggravated harassment and the other of assaulting a Muslim police officer.