CAIR auctions off Allen West’s ‘Nuts!’ letter on ebay

Former Congressman Allen West’s “Nuts!” letter went up for auction on ebay today with a starting bid of $1000.

The letter received a wave of national press coverage in July 2011 when it was written as a response to the Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization CAIR’s penning of a letter titled Cut your ties with anti-Islam Extremist!

The framed paper, hailed as “one of the shortest Congressional Letters ever written in US History,” is the original letter on official U.S. Congressional stationary signed by Allen West.

The listing states, “This item has something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a die-hard member of the Tea Party, Democratic Party, or protect the Civil Rights of Americans; this item is perfect for your collection.”

BizPac Review, 7 January 2013

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