‘Time to round up the enemy within’, says Jon Gaunt

Time to round up the enemy within

By Jon Gaunt, The Sun, 11 July 2006

Now that cricket-loving ordinary Brit Shehzad Tanweer has released his video will, can we stop all the conspiracy theories and demands for a public inquiry into July 7.

Tony Blair was completely right to say that so-called Muslim leaders need to openly condemn the cancer that exists within their communities. And whether they like it or not this is a MUSLIM problem.

That doesn’t mean all Muslims are terrorists but it does mean that all the terrorists we are facing at the moment were or are Muslims, so the prime responsibility lies with the Muslim community.

Now after the disgusting statistic that 13 per cent – or more than 200,000 – British Muslims consider these scum to be martyrs, it is time for action and even more harsh words from Blair.

Forget about Muslim taskforces, social deprivation and exclusion. I want madmen like this cleaned off the streets. This 13 per cent needs to be identified and rounded up.

I am also sick to the back teeth of hearing about how the Muslim community is feeling isolated and victimised as a result of July 7.

Tough titty!

One thing’s for sure – if I was feeling victimised and knew where these 13 per cent were, this enemy within, I would be turning them in to the authorities quicker than Abu Hamza picked up his giro.

But it seems to me there are too many in the community who are turning a blind eye to what is happening in our midst.

We don’t need a public inquiry to tell us what happened and why. We have the video testimony to work from.

It’s some sixth form debating point about our foreign policy and support of Israel and the USA that’s the problem.

This warped and simplistic view is unfortunately shared by a majority of British Muslims, according to the survey, and that scares the hell out of me.

You may be against the Iraq war or our troops being in Afghanistan but surely you have to agree that we won’t have our whole foreign policy dictated by a few. Similarly, the anti-Semitic tone of these demands needs to be faced down.

The Spanish may have had the backbone of a jelly and pulled out of Iraq but surely we are made of sterner stuff?

If we had an inquiry I can almost write the conclusions now. It would be something along the lines that these youths were socially and educationally deprived and therefore open to radicalisation by unscrupulous imams.

The fact that Tanweer left behind £121,000, came from a stable family, went to university and was by all accounts well-balanced will be completely forgotten.

That’s why, just like the £400 million we’ve already spent on the Bloody Sunday inquiry, we don’t need to reach for the collective horsehair shirt and start to castigate the majority way of life in this country for turning out these Muslim madmen.

This is a great and tolerant country which did not turn on Muslims after we were attacked, as the liberal press and the politically correct clowns in the Metropolitan Police predicted. We do want to live and let live but we cannot and should not allow the murderous threats and violence of the Third World to infect our society.

For too long we have allowed minorities to dictate to us that we should accept their customs and belief structures while at the same time hiding and almost being afraid to celebrate our own values and beliefs.

The only inquiry necessary is the one that identifies those who are living among us who despise our way of life. Those people who do not want to respect our tolerant, almost secular, liberal democracy and system of law and order. They have a clear choice to hand back their benefits and go and live in a country that terrorises, inhibits and bans diversity and tolerance.

I am sure that many true Brits would be more than happy to show these people to the exits.