The threat of the ‘mega-mosque’ – part 687

You might have thought that we were already suffering from media overkill on the subject, but the New York Times carries yet another article on the proposed so-called mega-mosque in Newham.

We get the usual stuff about Tablighi Jamaat being “a fertile recruiting ground for terrorists” and we’re told yet again that there is some significance in the report that “two of the suicide bombers who attacked the London transit system in July 2005 had attended Tablighi Jamaat gatherings”. Christian People’s Alliance councillor Alan Craig is trundled out once more to tell us that “We don’t want this mosque in East London. It will be disastrous.”

Over at Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer expresses his distaste for the role of the British National Party in whipping up hysteria over the issue (rather unfairly, given that he and the BNP have so much in common) and opines: “If the major parties in Britain were worth anything at all, they would be leading the fight against this mega-mosque, and exposing the Islamic supremacist agenda of the Tablighi Jamaat.”