Suspend Muslim immigration: Hanson

Pauline Hanson (2)Senate hopeful Pauline Hanson has accused the Federal Government of opening up the immigration floodgates to people “who have no intention of being Australian”.

Ms Hanson, who is running in the federal election under the banner of Pauline’s United Australia Party, was campaigning on similar policies to those that won her international notoriety a decade ago, including calling for a moratorium on Muslim immigration.

Campaigning in NSW, the right-wing firebrand told website she was worried about the loss of Australian values, particularly as a result of Muslim immigration.

“I’ve seen the destruction of our industry, manufacturing, our farmers, everything that is Aussie and to be proud of … that’s been lost,” she said. “They’ve just opened up the floodgates to allow people here that have no intention of being Australian or being proud Australians. I’ve actually now called for a moratorium on Muslim immigration because I believe it’s not for reasons of religious or any other reason. But I think it is a cultural difference to us as Australians and we must protect our own culture.”

The Australian, 4 November 2007

Via Austrolabe