The Talibanization of Britain

“The Labour Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, supports Tablighi Jamaat’s intentions to build a ‘mega-mosque’ in east London, adjoining the site of the 2012 London Olympics, even though a quarter of a million people have signed a protest petition on the government’s website…. Multiculturalism, by its very nature, is a policy of segregation, where multiple ghettoes sit beside each other in urban communities, but not integrating. Labour has promoted this divisive policy, encouraging it by continually swamping Britain with new waves of uncontrolled immigration….

“It is the Labour party and its leftist cronies in the media who are the ones who are slowly turning parts of Britain into Talibanized ghettoes. All too eager to please the ‘sensitivities’ of new arrivals on Britain’s shores with its policies of multiculturalism, the government has neglected the sensitivities of those already here. The Islamists only do as they please because Britain’s weak-kneed authority figures have allowed them to.”

A characteristic rant from Adrian Morgan at Family Security Matters, 11 September 2007