The crescent of fear

Spectator Eurabian nightmare“… there have been whole legions of pundits wheeled out to offer an explanation. It’s deprivation, a lack of integration, poverty, unemployment, incipient French racism and so on. But the dreaded ‘M’ word has scarcely been mentioned at all; these were ‘young’ rioters or sometimes ‘immigrant’ rioters – they were never Muslim rioters. Islam was almost never mentioned … the suspicion persists that it is the North Africans who do not wish for integration – much as they might whine about a lack of employment opportunities – even more than the indigenous French…. It may well be that the motive for the rioting was nothing more than an inchoate grievance allied to youthful exuberance and a penchant for bad behaviour, but it was Islam which gave it an identity and also its retrospective raison d’être.”

Rod Liddle offers us his insights into the French riots.

Spectator, 12 November 2005

Regarding the French, Liddle assures us: “Of all the countries in Western Europe, they have pursued the most extreme form of that discredited ideology, multiculturalism…” What an ignorant prat.