Photos from the New York SIOA protest

Koran toilet paper placardRichard Bartholomew provides a useful roundup of websites featuring photos of the Stop Islamization of America demonstration in New York yesterday.

As predicted, the threat by Geller and Spencer that only American flags would be permitted on the demonstration and that signs would be “confiscated” was widely ignored.

In addition to posters with the word “Sharia” in dripping blood and flyers reading “No Obama’s Mosque”, slogans included “What God Do You Kill For?”, “Cordoba=Conquer, Not Here!”, “Muhummad was the First Radical Muslim: Osama bin Laden is Following Directions” and “Transform Islam, Not America”. One man carried a placard with the word “Toilet Paper” and a Qur’an attached to it.

New York SIOA 9-11 demonstration2

Update: has a selection of leaflets distributed on Saturday’s demonstration.