Obama Islam smear changes stripes

“When the Islam smear against Obama first came out, it was based on the idea that he is currently, a Muslim. Then the Pastor Wright controversy put that mess to rest, since Obama’s affiliations to an obviously Christian Church became front and center. Now there is a new Islam smear. This one says that Obama was a Muslim – and as a result, he is going to arouse the wrath of Muslims around the world who are going to want to kill him for apostasy (converting away from Islam, punishable by death).”

Ali Eteraz responds to an article by Edward Luttwack in the New York Times, which he describes as “solid fear-mongering”.

Huffington Post, 13 May 2008

Daily Telegraph leader writer and Catholic Herald editor Damian Thompson (“Barack Obama ‘could face Islamic execution'”) hails the NYT article as “fascinating stuff”: Telegraph blog, 12 May 2008