‘We are sleep-walking into an Islamic caliphate’

“… there is an extraordinary passage when one of the most likeable and longest-serving members of the team, and a former radical Sixties firebrand to boot, turns on radical Islam and the fact that we are sleep-walking into an Islamic caliphate. He describes suicide bombers as ‘racists, fascists and bastards’, deplores the credulity of right-on, anti-American attitudes, and insists that ‘self-hatred is the cancer at the heart of our nation’.

“It’s always dangerous to assume that any character’s words represent the view of the playwright….. But this play seems to me to mark a defining moment on the English stage when the conventional liberal pieties that largely obtain in our theatre are finally put under fierce scrutiny, and Jihadist Islam is at last denounced as a malign evil.”

Charles Spencer reviews Richard Bean’s new play The English Game.

Daily Telegraph, 13 May 2008