Muslims crucify cat, Geller reveals

Pamela Geller reported earlier this week that Muslims in Nigeria had crucified a cat in protest against the Innocence of Muslims film. According to Geller, this was par for the course with Islam: “An anti-freedom, anti-life, culture produces little else other than new and different ways to kill, murder torture, destroy.”

Geller’s readers shared her outrage. “What else can you expect from those inbred savages?”, one supporter demanded. “If they don’t think twice about killing their own daughters, mothers, sisters for Allah, do you think they will have any qualms about killing poor defenseless animals or YOU?”

The story was, predictably, nonsense. The photograph Geller used to illustrate her report was of an incident that took place a year ago … in Christian-majority Ghana. Loonwatch has the details.

The report has since been removed from Geller’s blog Atlas Shrugs without explanation, but you can view a screenshot here.