Murfreesboro: anti-mosque campaign lawyer suggests ‘flag of Shariah’ may already be flying over White House

A hearing over plans to build a mosque southeast of Murfreesboro will continue in Chancery Court today despite a Justice Department brief supporting Islam as a religion.

Attorney Joe Brandon Jr., in a press conference on the Public Square Tuesday in response to the brief, said plaintiffs contend the real issue is Shariah Law, not Islam. “Is Shariah entitled to Constitutional protection or is it sedition, which we intend to prove,” Brandon said.

The Smyrna attorney – who is representing local residents Kevin Fisher, Lisa Moore and Henry Golczynski – vowed to continue presenting testimony supporting that claim when the hearing resumes before Chancellor Robert Corlew at 8:30 a.m. today at the Rutherford County Judicial Building.

Brandon has argued in court that the local Islamic Center supports Shariah Law and is a threat to the community and the country. He spoke of terrorists and said that “the same group of people” were responsible for the 9/11 attacks in 2001 that killed around 3,000 Americans.

Brandon questioned if the flag of Shariah is already flying over the White House.

Standing behind an encased historic Bible outside the courthouse Tuesday afternoon, Brandon told media to question why the same U.S. government that got involved with opposing Arizona’s immigration enforcement law should be taking a position involving the plaintiffs here.

The Tennessean, 20 October 2010