MSF defends Azad Ali

Latest Witch Hunt on Muslim leader by the Mail on Sunday

The Muslim Safety Forum is dismayed with the provocative article written in the Sunday Mail on the 18th January 2009 regarding MSF Trustee Azad Ali.

The central objective of MSF has been to build relations between communities and the police service during very difficult circumstances and ensuring dialogue remains open. The MSF is a voluntary organisation built on good will and trust between communities, the wider public and the police.

Azad Ali embodied that civic commitment and led the bridge building efforts between the police service and the community following the terrorist atrocities of 7/7 and the failed bombings of June 2007.

Chair of the MSF Mujib Miah said “Instead of highlighting the positive community building work Azad Ali has accomplished throughout his career, The Sunday Mail has sought to misrepresent his work. We understand he is taking legal advice in that regard.

“I have been inundated with calls from members and the wider public expressing disappointment and alarm by the serious distortion of Azad Ali’s character. In these difficult times inflammatory headlines such as these are counter productive and damage community cohesion.”


Note for Editors:

The MSF is made up of national and regional Islamic organisations including: Al Ershad Centre, Al Ikhlas Foundation / Muslim Prisoners Support Group, Al Khoei Foundation, Al Maghrib, Al Muntada Al Islami, Amal Trust, AMP – BTP, AMP – MPS, An Nisa Society, Bangla 2000 – 1990 Trust, Barnet Muslim Advisory Group, Basildon Islamic Centre, British Muslim Forum (BMF), Eritrean Muslim Community, FAIR, FOSIS, IFE, Iqra Trust, ISB, Islamic Cultural Centre, Kingswood Islamic Committee, LMC, MAB, MCB, Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, Muslim Directory, Muslim Parliament, Muslim Voices, Muslimaat UK, Q News, Somali Muslim Community, Cage Prisoners, The Avenue School, The Muslim College, UKIM, Women’s Relief, YMO, UMO.

The MSF is the key advisory body for the Police Service and has signed a working protocol with the Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police & ACPO to build better police / community relations. It has been advising the police on matters of safety and security from the Muslim perspective for over five years now. It meets on a monthly basis with senior representatives of ACPO and the MPS, the MPA, Home Office, CPS and the IPCC amongst others.