Ilford Muslims challenge “Islamic ‘terror’ scare at Jewish school” story

Muslims in Ilford have complained to the editor of the Ilford Recorder for the publication of a story in the local paper headlined “Islamic ‘terror’ scare at Jewish school”, and which refers to “two Muslim boys with knives” causing havoc at a Jewish school in the borough.

ENGAGE, 20 January 2009

Update:  Ilford Recorder editor Chris Carter has issued an apology over the headline, which he concedes could be seen as “inflammatory”. Mr Carter said: “The story was breaking and our reporting team was on the spot. Often stories change as we are posting them on the web, but in this instance I accept the headline was not appropriate, particularly given what transpired and apologise to our readers.” The paper has also published a letter from Abdurahman Jafar, who expresses his concern that “this kind of inaccurate and irresponsible reporting plays into the hands of the far right”.