Merkel inspires Islamophobia in Devon

Values and cultures are so different across the whole of Europe so it was always going to be an almost impossible job to integrate the immigrants – mostly Muslim – in Christian countries.

Throughout Europe, ruling political elites have failed to get to grips with a happy bonding between the indigenous populations and the Muslim immigrant communities. Race relations are in a turmoil because both groups feel victimised – immigrants mainly, because they have never been challenged to adapt to their new surroundings, and native populations because they feel they are being treated as second-class citizens in their countries of birth.

There is only one way forward and that is to take radical steps to promote integration of immigrants into a more enlightened way of living.

Mrs Merkel should be congratulated for recognising that this is the best way forward. Now we must hope that our political leaders are brave enough to do the same.

Letter in Express & Star, 20 October 2010

Should perhaps read “Merkel and Richard Desmond inspire Islamophobia in Devon”. The letter is lifted directly from an editorial in Monday’s Daily Express.