Mad Mel to join BNP?

madmelMelanie Phillips explains why Britain is under threat from the Muslim hordes:

“Like much of Europe, Britain’s demographic composition is changing radically and very fast. At the most conservative estimate, its population of sixty million will rise over the next three decades by six or seven million, with 83 per cent of that new growth coming from immigration and most of that from the third world. The undesirability of such a drastic – and never debated – development is one of Britain’s great Unmentionables….

“The prevailing culture of non-discriminatory entitlement and minority rights meant the courts came to thwart all government attempts to enforce immigration controls. At root was the judges’ belief that the citizens of the world were entitled to exactly the same rights as the citizens of Britain. The result has been the deconstruction of British citizenship and the loss of sovereignty over national borders, laws and values…. the resulting chaos has made security impossible as the intelligence service has no means of keeping tabs on suspected terrorists.

“This was one of the key drivers behind the creation of what is known derisively as ‘Londonistan’, as Britain became the epicentre of the Islamic jihad in Europe. The country’s homage to freedom of speech, generous welfare entitlements and the fact that immigrants could simply lose themselves in the system turned Britain into a magnet for Islamist terrorists and extremists. But anyone who questioned the desirability of such trends was promptly denounced as a racist. Immigration was held to be an absolute good. Multiculturalism became the driving force of British life, ruthlessly policed by an army of local and national bureaucrats enforcing a doctrine of state-mandated virtue to promote racial, ethnic and cultural difference and stamp out majority values….

“The more the free world defends itself, the more the Islamists claim they are under attack. So the more atrocities there are against the west, the more the Islamists claim they are victims of Islamophobia…. The national identity of Britain is based on a particular culture, history, language, religion, law, customs and values. It cannot still remain recognisably itself if it makes itself home to large numbers of people who cannot or do not wish to assimilate into that identity. That’s not racism. It’s national survival.”

TCS Daily, 11 May 2006

I’m increasingly coming round to the view that the ideal political home for Phillips would be the British National Party.