‘Jihad comes to Wall Street’

“If you’ve seen Geert Wilders’s film Fitna, you may not have noticed a single headline amongst all the bombings, beheadings, and earnest expressions of Islam’s eventual world domination: Halal-fund: investments for Muslims. But the investment vehicles referenced are an essential part of radical Islam’s efforts to insinuate itself into Western societies in order to destroy them from within. And Wall Street, barely out of the woods from its disastrous run-in with sub-prime mortgages – and having lost one of its historic investment houses, Bear Stearns, in the process – is now chasing the very kind of ‘sharia finance’ against which Wilders’s movie warns, a business line that may eventually wind up being even more calamitous than the subprime-mortgage fiasco….

“Sharia is a reactionary-to-the-core medieval Islamic doctrine that claims control over every aspect of every Muslim’s life. It imposes such ‘ethical’ mandates on Muslims as the obligation to discriminate against women and non-Muslims; to kill homosexuals, adulterers, and apostates; to establish and maintain Muslim rule around the world; and to carry out violent offensive jihad against infidels. Notably, for those Muslims who cannot engage in physical jihad using force of arms, sharia requires that they support jihad financially. This is what sharia finance is all about.”

Alex Alexiev at National Review Online, 3 April 2008

Update:   Mad Melanie Phillips entirely agrees: “Of all the manifestations of the Islamisation of the west sharia finance is perhaps the most deadly, because it effectively sells the west to Islam.”

Melanie Phillips’s blog, 7 April 2008