Islamophobia: Anatomy of an American Panic

Anatomy of an American PanicThe Nation has a special issue entitled “Islamophobia: Anatomy of an American Panic” with articles examining different aspects of Islamophobia in the US.

These include Moustafa Bayoumi, “Fear and Loathing of Islam“, Jack Shaheen, “How the Media Created the Muslim Monster Myth” (subscription only), Petra Bartosiewicz, “Deploying Informants, the FBI Stings Muslims“, Laila Lalami, “Islamophobia and Its Discontents“, Abed Awad, “The True Story of Sharia in American Courts“, Ramzi Kassem, “The Long Roots of the NYPD Spying Program“, Max Blumenthal, “The Sugar Mama of Anti-Muslim Hate“, and Laila Al-Arian, “When Your Father Is Accused of Terrorism“.