Harry’s Place debates Islamophobia

A couple of days ago Sarah Annes Brown posted a piece on Islamophobia at the terrorism-supporting Zionist blog Harry’s Place which provoked the reaction you would expect from the crowd of bigots and racists who inhabit the comments section of that site.

Here are a couple of responses by one of HP’s regular commenters, “Nick (in South Africa)”:

… the term Hinduphobia doesn’t get banded about…. There is not a problem with Hindus in the UK, there is with Muslims, it’s that simple.

This is because Islam is a political system that happens to come wrapped in the guise of religion. One with global imperialist aspirations, one that is deeply authoritarian, highly misogynistic, profoundly intolerant, violent and much more besides.

We DO have unfettered serial immigration to the UK of huge numbers of ill educated Muslims with a mediaeval World view. There are now 4 million Muslims in the country and not a hint of any stop to it. This IS causing problems. A very large percentage of these first, second and third generation immigrants hold views inimical to life in a pluralistic tolerant liberal democracy, and these views are directly informed by mainstream Islamic dogma.

There IS an ignoble record of this manifested in Muslim violence, hundreds of terror plots, terror attacks, ‘honour’ killings, blatant intimidation, nothing other than utterly cynical sexual predation by gangs of Muslim men on vulnerable white girls, grievance monging by Muslims with hair-trigger sensibilities and special pleading for dress concessions, diet concessions, prayer rooms, protective censorship, faith schools and so on….

Charges of Islamophobia are overwhelmingly used by grievance monging Muslims, overweening bleeding-heart guilt soaked liberals and deeply illiberal Lefties in attempts to shut down critique of Islam, mass Muslim immigration and attempts at obtaining privileged status for Muslims.

Many of us despise Islam because it really is profoundly nasty.

Followed by:

Muslims who in public, identify with Islam should be fair game to be held to account for the ideology to which they subscribe, this doesn’t happen nearly enough.

Muslims should be made to feel pressure that their ideology is beyond the pale; because it really and truly is. Self identifying Muslims in dress, deed or word should be treated as pariahs in exactly the same way as members of the EDL and the BNP are. If you rock-up for work in an office in the UK dressed in a dish-dash or a burqua, it is a political statement, one quite clearly endorsing mainstream Islamic ideology, which quite undoubtedly is a form of Fascism. This is functionally no different at all from rocking up to work in BNP regalia.

We need more conversational intolerance towards Islam, not less. We shouldn’t tolerate its intolerance. The fact that it is a religion as well as a political ideology, the fact that most of it’s adherents are brown skinned really shouldn’t be seen as any kind of mitigation….

What I won’t do is try to pretend that Islamic ideology is what it isn’t. It isn’t ‘a religion of peace’, it isn’t tolerant…. it’s horrible. I don’t and won’t try to make fluffy, cooing noises in its direction in the hope that it will be de-fanged; indeed I think this approach, which has been quite common, even amongst even HP posters – the David T of yore springs to mind, is very deeply misguided.

Is my view towards Islam an ‘irrational fear’?

Bollocks it is!

Is it Islamophobic – the word tells you more about the person using it than it does about the person or group its directed against.

Muslims are best advised to abandon this especially nasty ideology. Again if we – the British collectively – don’t catch a wake-up we are setting ourselves up for the most appalling sectarian strife.

These disgusting diatribes were posted yesterday but more than 24 hours later they have still not been removed.

And don’t imagine this is because of some ultra-libertarian comments policy at Harry’s Place. Tony Greenstein has pointed out that a comment he posted on another thread, replying to the slanderous claim that a fifth of the delegates at the recent Palestine Solidarity Campaign AGM voted against condemning Holocaust denial, was quickly deleted by the moderator.

That’s Harry’s Place for you. Vile anti-Muslim bigotry is welcome there, but comments in support of the Palestinian cause are censored.