Harry’s Place supports terrorism

Harry's Place banner

Harry’s Place is a Zionist blog that specialises in witch-hunting politically engaged Muslims, and supporters of the Palestinian cause generally, by portraying them as supporters of violent extremism.

Yet last week one of HP’s main contributors, Gene Zitver, posted a piece on the murder of Iranian scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan which concluded approvingly: “Assuming it is the Mossad, their ability to operate like this in the heart of an enemy country is impressive, to say the least.” Yesterday Zitver sneered that in Iran “nuclear science appears to be a notably unsafe profession” and provided a link to his previous post.

It’s not difficult to imagine what the response of Zitver and his colleagues would be if Iran’s intelligence service were targeting Israeli nuclear scientists for assassination. Harry’s Place would be furiously denouncing these acts of terrorism and condemning anyone who tried to justify the killings as a terrorist sympathiser.

Of course, we’ve come to expect double standards from Harry’s Place. They have loudly called for Raed Salah to be expelled from the UK, claiming that he is an antisemite, but enthusiastically applauded an invitation to the anti-Muslim racist Benny Morris to address a meeting at the London School of Economics. Even so, I was taken aback by Zitver’s open expression of admiration for the terrorist killing of civilians.

Hopefully, next time Harry’s Place tries to witch-hunt an individual or organisation from the Muslim community as an extremist supporter of terrorist violence, this will be dismissed as the hypocritical crap that it plainly is.