‘France will be an Islamic state in only one generation’ – former Tory warns of Muslim threat

Radical Islam poses to Western civilization a threat similar to that of the Nazis and the Soviets, Winston Churchill said Sept. 26 at Union University.

Churchill – author, journalist, former Member of Parliament and grandson of the former British prime minister – spoke before about 1,800 people at Union’s 10th annual Scholarship Banquet to raise funds for students scholarships.

“Together we have overcome far more powerful enemies than those that assail us today,” Churchill said. “I have every confidence that, in confronting this new challenge, America and Britain – together with our allies – can prevail and shall prevail, just as together we have triumphed in the past.”

The threat from radical Islam comes in two forms, Churchill said. The first is the global terrorist threat that everyone recognizes. The second is a demographic threat confronting Europe.

For example, Churchill pointed to the population trends in France, where 10 percent of the population is Islamic. But among those 20 years of age and younger, that percentage rises to 30 percent. Given the rates at which Muslims reproduce, that means France will be an Islamic state in only one generation.

“Europe is sleepwalking towards disaster,” Churchill said. “We would sooner commit national suicide than be accused of being politically incorrect.”

Baptist Press, 27 September 2006