English Defence League leader refused entry into US?

EDL Bradford4Nick Lowles reports: “I’ve picked up a rumour this morning that EDL leader ‘Tommy Robinson’ has been refused entry into the United States where he was due to attend an anti-Islam rally at Ground Zero in New York. Robinson was travelling with a number of other EDL leaders when he was turned away at the Immigration desk for apparent entry form irregularities. He was taken into custody and almost immediately put on a plane back to London. His fellow EDL members were allowed to go through.”

Hope Not Hate, 10 September 2010

Though Pamela Geller will no doubt be disappointed that a notorious far-right organiser of violent confrontations with Muslim communities in England won’t be able to make it, she can at least take consolation in the fact that there will still be a contingent of racist Islamophobic thugs from the UK attending her anti-Muslim hate-fest tomorrow.

Update:  “Tommy Robinson” has confirmed that he was turned back at JFK airport: “I arrived in new York yesterday, was held for six hours then put back on a flight, pretty shattered, I’m still glad we have representatives over there. I think the powers that be are worried about the highly influential people in the states are backing us. This trip would of concreted our relationship with many of them.”