EDL lose appeal against Tower Hamlets march ban

Leaders of the English Defence League have lost a High Court fight for the right to demonstrate in an area which they say is “subject to Sharia law”.

They objected to police preventing a English Defence League (EDL) march – planned for Saturday – entering Tower Hamlets in east London. Police said they had imposed restrictions on marchers because they feared an outbreak of “serious public disorder”.

Judge Mr Justice King ruled that the police decision was reasonable and proportionate, following a High Court hearing in London. He blocked an EDL attempt to pursue a judicial review.

Evening Standard, 6 September 2013

See also East London Advertiser, 6 September 2013

EDL leader Stephen Lennon is not best pleased:

Stephen Lennon on Tower Hamlets march ban

No “Tommy”, Tower Hamlets is a “no go borough” for a gang of drunken thugs who want to intimidate the local community.