Darwin immigration detention centre worker suspended over anti-Muslim comments on Facebook

A refugee advocacy group says it is unrepentant after it played a role in getting a worker at a Darwin immigration detention centre suspended for spiteful comments he wrote about Muslims on Facebook.

Victoria Martin-Iverson, from the Refugee Rights Advocacy Network, says she takes no joy in the staff member suspended, but is glad it was brought to public attention.

“I was surprised that someone could have so internalised those viewpoints as to see absolutely nothing wrong, that could have any consequences, in publishing those comments with his own name using links that go back to his own Facebook page,” Ms Martin-Iverson said.

“I assure you I take no joy in someone being stupid enough to put their employment at risk, but I am completely unrepentant for bringing this to public attention,” she added.

The worker, who was suspended by Serco, the company that runs the detention centres, posted controversial comments last week on the Serco Watch Facebook page.

The man reacted to information about refugee activists’ efforts to get Christmas presents to children being detained in Darwin. “Sad for all the Christian kids! Not sure why an Islamist would want a Christmas present????” the man wrote.

Several hours later he added to his earlier post. “Maybe you need to come and face these men who teach their children that women have no rights,” he said.

“I guess you must think there is nothing wrong with domestic violence,” he added.

Serco says it treats the people in its care with dignity. “A member of Serco Immigration Services staff has been suspended pending the outcome of an internal investigation,” a statement from the company said.

AAP, 12 January 2012

Pamela Geller is appalled that an individual who publicly expresses bigoted views like these might be considered unfit to work in an immigration detention centre. But then, what can you expect? This is a woman who celebrates when Iranian civilians fall victim to terrorist killings.