Christian minister launches High Court case to keep Zakir Naik out of UK

A Christian minister is bringing a legal test case to try to prevent a radical Islamic preacher coming to Britain.

The Reverend Mahboob Masih will lodge papers in the High Court this week alleging that Dr Zakir Naik, an Indian-based television preacher, is “extremely dangerous to community cohesion, religious tolerance and race relations”. He will claim that the courts should give greater respect to Christian values and declares in High Court papers that Britain’s judges have adopted an “over sensitivity to Islamic sensibilities due to the threat of violence”.

Dr Naik had been due to lecture at a series of major venues including Wembley Arena and the Birmingham NEC in the summer but was banned from entering the UK by Theresa May, the Home Secretary, just two days before his arrival. Dr Naik is now taking the Home Secretary to court for a judicial review of that decision.

The Rev Masih’s highly unusual intervention is intended to bolster the Government’s case to keep Dr Naik out of the UK. The Church of Scotland minister will argue he has the right to make his legal protest because he previously lost his job as presenter of a community radio station after a disccusion about Dr Naik’s preachings.

Sunday Telegraph, 10 October 2010

Update:  Christian Concern For Our Nation reports that Masih’s case is being brought by the Christian Legal Centre whose director, Andrea Minichiello Williams, has been advising Masih.