Cameron fails to understand threat of fascist BNP to British society

UAF_logoAnti-fascist campaigners have criticised David Cameron’s attack on the Muslim community organisations, which he compared to the BNP. Weyman Bennett, Joint Secretary of UAF said:

“The BNP represent the real threat to community cohesion, with their racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic and homophobic politics. The BNP whips up racist hatred and division for electoral gain, leading to attacks on all minority communities in areas they target.

“It is deeply offensive to liken the BNP to minority community organisations, particularly to Muslim groups who are the prime target of the BNP’s racism. Muslim communities experience racism and discrimination at all levels of society. They are being vilified and targeted daily.

“Mainstream parties have a responsibility not to provide succour to fascists: today, the BNP welcomes David Cameron’s comments on its website as a ‘propaganda victory’ for them and takes the opportunity to spread further Islamophobic bile against Muslim communities. Attacking multiculturalism is pandering to the BNP.”

Unite Against Fascism news report, 30 January 2007