Blame mass immigration and cultural diverity – Leo McKinstry

“France’s experiences are hardly unique. Throughout western Europe, societies are scarred by tension. In the past week, there have been Muslim-led riots in Denmark, while in Holland the assassination of film-maker Theo Van Gogh by a Muslim fundamentalist last year left a legacy of racial divisions. Britain is still struggling to cope with the fact that we have home-grown Islamic terrorists in our midst….

“The growing strife points to a comprehensive failure in social and immigration policies. France and Britain should be enjoying the stability brought by decades of unprecedented peace and prosperity. Instead, we are living in the shadow of fear because of our rulers’ attachment to the twin dogmas of mass immigration and cultural diversity. Without giving us any say, they have imported wholesale the problems of the Third World – from corruption to superstition, from tribalism to misogyny – into advanced, democratic, Christian cultures. In large swathes of urban Britain and France, the indigenous people can feel like aliens…. Through our welfare systems, taxpayers of Britain and France are subsidising idleness among those who appear to despise Christian civilisation.

“With lies, twisted ideology and institutional capacity for self-loathing, the political establishment has erected this vast edifice of cultural diversity but it is the ordinary people of Europe who have to live with bombs on our trains and burnt-out cars on our streets.”

Leo McKinstry in the Daily Express, 7 November 2005

Writers like McKinstry and Melanie Phillips almost succeed in making the BNP sound moderate.