Begg ‘told FBI he trained with al-Qa’eda’

Moazzam BeggThe Daily Telegraph tries to counter the impact of Moazzam Begg’s new book Enemy Combatant by quoting from a “confession” that he signed under torture while held by the US in Afghanistan.

The Telegraph tells us that “US officials insist [the confession] was not obtained under duress”. Moazzam Begg has described his treatment as follows:

“… they interrogated me severely for almost the whole month and kept me in separate solitary confinement. They tied me up with my hands behind my back to my legs, kicked me in the head, kicked me in the back, threatened to take me to Egypt to be tortured, to be raped, to be electrocuted. They had a woman screaming in the next room whom I believed at that time was my wife. They bought pictures of my children and told me I would never see them again. All sorts of things like that.”

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