Muslim vote tips the balance in Netherlands

“Yesterday’s municipal elections in the Netherlands were won by the Left. The Labour Party (PvdA) gained more than 500 town hall seats, an increase of 50 per cent compared with 2002, while the far-left Socialist Party (SP) doubled its number of seats. The Christian-Democrat CDA of Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende and his government coalition partner, the free-market Liberal VVD, suffered heavy losses…. Today the center-left newspaper De Volkskrant writes that the immigrant vote has tipped the balance in favour of the Left. This should not come as a surprise. All across Europe, immigrants tend to vote for the Left.”

Paul Belien berates Muslims for exercising their democratic rights and voting against parties of the anti-migrant Right.

He adds: “The center-right VVD, the party of famous Dutch policians such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali … received only 1% of the immigrant vote.”

Brussels Journal, 8 March 2006