Bare naked hatred

Bare Naked Islam

If you take the view that no website could possibly be more viciously Islamophobic than Atlas Shrugs, you obviously haven’t paid to visit to Bare Naked Islam. The work of a demented New Yorker named Bonni Benstock-Intall, this site reaches such a pitch of anti-Muslim hysteria that it almost makes Pamela Geller appear as a voice of reason.

Last week Bare Naked Islam tried to exploit the case of a former soldier, David Ryding, who died following a violent incident at a taxi rank in Rugby on 7 July. The cause of the conflict and the ethnicity or religious affiliation of Ryding’s alleged attackers were unknown, nor was it obvious what possible knowledge anyone involved could have had of Ryding’s previous military service (he left the army in 2011). The anti-Muslim far right, however, immediately drew parallels between Ryding’s case and the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

The arrest of three men in connection with Ryding’s death was enough to set Benstock-Intall off. She ranted:

“They have the three attackers in custody, yet give no information about their names, nationality, or ethnic origin, just their ages. Are they afraid there will be a well-deserved ‘backlash’ if they reveal that the attackers are Muslims as we have the right to suspect? It seems that a nationwide uprising against UK politicians/traitors who continue to import masses of these Muslim jihadists and parasites from the third world is exactly what is needed in the Islamic Republic of Britain.”

This vile woman didn’t even hesitate to attack Ryding’s grieving widow for issuing a dignified statement appealing to people to avoid speculation about the cause of her husband’s death and await the results of the police investigation. Benstock-Intall sneered: “Oh, excuse us, for speculating that the slaughter of your husband, David Ryding, might have been committed by a Muslim, two of whom made headlines recently for doing the exact same thing to another British soldier in the street, Lee Rigby.”

Yesterday the Birmingham Mail published a report which noted that “right wing extremists attempted to hijack the death of the soldier, claiming that it was motivated by race and religion on websites”. The report quoted Detective Inspector Ally Wright of Warwickshire Police as stating:

“I am aware that some social media outlets are suggesting the tragic death of David Ryding, a former soldier, was motivated by either race or faith. While the criminal investigation is ongoing it would be inappropriate to provide full details of the case at this time. However what is absolutely clear is that the incident was not remotely motivated by race or faith. Whilst I am unable to prevent such speculation on the Internet at source I would ask those who engage in Internet hypothesis conversations to consider the impact on David’s family.”

So far, for some reason, this news hasn’t attracted any attention over at Bare Naked Islam.