‘At last a trumpet blast against the creeping Islamification of Britain’

Fury at 'No-Go' AreasYes, the Bishop of Rochester’s remarks have produced yet another scaremongering anti-Muslim headline in the Daily Express. And readers are invited to participate in a telephone poll on the question: “Are you fed up with the fanatics changing Britain?”

The same issue features an article by Leo McKinstry, headed “Why we must listen to the Bishop’s warnings on the dangers of Islam“. McKinstry writes:

“At last a trumpet blast has been sounded against the creeping Islamification of Britain. For too long our ruling elite has been in denial about the consequences of this insidious process, pretending the assertiveness of Muslim culture is just another element in the rich diversity of British society…. Bishop Nazir-Ali is absolutely right. His critics are living in a fantasy world conjured up by their own deceitful clappy-happy rhetoric if they think Britain does not have a problem with the growing strength of Islam in our midst. The fact is that, in all too many of our cities, Muslim radicalism has led to segregation, oppression of women, criminality and terrorism….

“Islam in Britain could be portrayed as a combination of the outstretched palm of victimhood, begging for official support, and the clenched fist of grievance, threatening violence if demands are not met. All too often the political establishment has surrendered, dressing up its feebleness as multi-cultural sensitivity…. We now have state-funded Muslim schools, housing projects, leisure centre sessions and community groups. Cultural cringe means that every superstitious demand of the radicals, no matter how absurd, is taken seriously by the authorities. So, while elderly people are dying of neglect, nurses are instructed to turn the beds of Muslim patients five times a day towards Mecca….

“The generation that fought the Second World War to protect our nation from foreign occupation must wonder why they bothered as the social landscape of our country is transformed…. There is no more graphic symbol of the change sweeping Britain than the demand from Muslims in Oxford that the city council should give mosques the right to broadcast the call to prayers over loudspeakers at least three times a day. The noisy summons to Muslim prayers smacks of ideological supremacy rather than spiritual concern.

“It is absurd to pretend that Muslim culture is not becoming the dominant force in all too many cities…. What is remarkable is that, in the name of diversity, so-called liberals have promoted the misogynistic authoritarian theocracy they claim to despise. Christianity helped to build the safe, tolerant society which for generations has attracted migrants fleeing persecution or squalor. Yet now, as Christianity withers, large swathes of our country are starting to replicate the Third World.”