Wilders applauds Merkel’s stand against Islam and multiculturalism

Dutch Islamophobic politician Geert Wilders hailed German Chancellor Angela Merkel for what he termed her “critical” stance towards Islam, the daily newspaper Die Welt reported Wednesday. Addressing the Dutch parliament, Wilders said Merkel had taken over “the lead in the area of criticism about Islam”. “Mrs. Merkel, you are right,” said the head of the Dutch anti-Islam Party for Freedom.

ABNA, 27 October 2010

See also “German chancellor rejects anti-Islam accolade from Dutch far right”, DPA, 27 October 2010

In his speech Wilders also stated: “If even the chancellor says that multicultural society has completely failed, then that means something. The most important politician of the Christian Democrats in the most important country of Europe breaks a taboo and says it like it is. And she says what millions of people are thinking.”