Why Galloway won (according to a Daily Mail blogger)

Galloway’s victory is a vindication for, above all people, Enoch Powell.

Powell warned of the dangers that mass immigration would have. Ted Heath failed to listen, what we have is Galloway – a product of classic third world, unassimilated, rabble-rousing, engineering of election results.

Galloway’s victory shows that we now have our ghettos. We have segregation. We have a divided land with the consequences of not assimilating failed third-world backward cultures within us. These are growing and multiplying generation after generation.

Respect has a future, and provided the Islamic population continues to grow at its present rate, and is not fully assimilated, it is an Islamist one. Be warned.

Without the reason of modern Western Democractic peoples that acquired democracy over time and sacrifice – the people who voted for Galloway might as well be going for any demagogue in Islamabad or Pyongyang.

Galloway’s victory is dangerous and demonstrates the ugly alliance between the far left and Islamists….

He promotes multiculturalism, or cultural egalitarianism – the idea that all cultures are equal – the absurd idea that Sharia and the common-law are the same. He and his radical Islamist followers do this with contempt for British people on their own soil.

George Galloway’s victory in the Bradford West election was remarkable. It was also a dangerous illustration of the foothold Islamist extremism now has in our political life thanks to multiculturalism.

Former UKIP parliamentary candidate Abhijit Pandya assesses the Bradford West by-election.

RightMinds blog, 31 March 2012