EDL leader accuses Muslims of being rapists … then BBC programme makers pay his air fare back to UK

The Sunday Telegraph reports that English Defence League leader Stephen Lennon told a far-right rally in Aarhus, Denmark, that Muslims were responsible for an epidemic of rape in Malmö. “It’s like a foreign ideology has come into Sweden and started raping the women,” he said. “Malmö’s now the rape capital of Europe. It’s Swedish women being raped by Muslim men.”

Lennon went on to to apologise for having to leave early, because he was booked to appear on the BBC Sunday morning talk show The Big Questions. “I’d love to stay longer,” he said, explaining that he had to leave at 7pm. “They’re paying for my flight.”


Although Lennon denied it, the BBC confirmed that The Big Questions, which is produced for the corporation by Mentorn Media, had indeed agreed to cover his travel costs. A BBC spokesman told the Telegraph:

“On the weekend that the EDL and far-right groups are holding a rally in Denmark, the moral and ethical debate programme, The Big Questions, will be asking if Britain is too complacent about the Far Right. Contributors travel costs are covered as standard by Mentorn Media who produce The Big Questions. As a key contributor to this particular discussion, Stephen Lennon’s travel from Denmark is entirely necessary and reasonable.”

So, not content with offering this racist a platform to promote his vile opinions, the BBC is quite happy that he should be offered a free flight back to Britain.