Why ‘divisive Islam’ is a threat – Trevor Kavanagh explains

PD*1006852In an op ed in the Sun, Trevor Kavanagh sends season’s greetings to Muslim communities in the UK:

“In the spirit of Christmas, here is a festive quiz – with just one question. As the infamous Noughties draw to a close, what do these two Sunday paper stories have in common?

Anti-censorship champ Jonathan Dimbleby vetoes cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in a campaigning magazine, in case his staff are attacked by enraged Muslims. Christian teacher Olive Jones is sacked for offering a prayer for a sick child – an act deemed as ‘bullying’.

“The answer is simple and alarming. They show the Noughties as the decade when the once-mighty Christian West bowed before Islam.”

He continues: “Police say London is being set up for a murderous attack by extremists. ‘Mumbai is coming to London’, warned a senior detective from the S015 counter-terrorism squad, in a reference to the 2008 massacre in India.

“Meanwhile, we learn at least one Muslim woman a month is the victim of so-called ‘honour killings’. In a year, that’s as many as perished under serial killer ‘Ripper’ Peter Sutcliffe’s hammer. Countless more are beaten and forced into unwelcome marriage, often to ageing strangers. Countless wives and daughters, barred from learning English, live in secret terror of their own fathers, brothers and male cousins.

“Yet, apart from rare cases such as Mehmet Goren, jailed for life last week for slaughtering his teenage daughter, they rarely end in court. We don’t like trespassing on the way of life and death in this so-called ‘community’.”

Needless to say, it’s the political elite and their promotion of multiculturalism that Kavanagh holds responsible for this state of affairs:

“Politicians of all parties tip-toe on egg shells, desperate to avoid offending an increasingly powerful and assertive minority. Britain offers sanctuary and a good life to Muslims fleeing poverty and intolerance in their own countries. But we are to blame if some repay this generosity by replicating the same intolerance in their adopted homeland. We preach women’s rights, yet medieval male tyranny is allowed to flourish under our noses.

“Thanks to the pipe dream of multiculturalism, British cities bear no resemblance to thriving melting pots such as New York or Sydney. Instead of assimilating, we encourage colonisation of cities and suburbs where non-Muslims fear to tread.”

But don’t get the idea that Kavanagh is hostile to all Muslims. Not at all:

“We should all applaud devout and enlightened Muslims such as Ed Husain, author of The Islamist, who daily risks his life fighting extremism. Ed, born on Christmas Day, is especially scornful of NON-Muslims who want to diminish this week’s Christian message by calling it Winterval. His rare courage contrasts with weak-kneed Archbishop Rowan Williams, who wants to make parts of repressive Sharia law equal to British law.”