‘While Europe slept’

“In Europe’s supremely politically correct climate … it is considered racist and culturally oppressive to negatively talk about anything that is even peripherally related to Muslim immigration…. In many ways, Old Europe is already culturally destroyed. After the trauma of two world wars, Western Europe decided that its culture is not worth saving…. Anti-Americanism is not a philosophy that fills the void. Islam fills the vacuum more completely…. family unification rights are exploited in much of the European Union to bring whole clans of people from Muslim countries.”

David Forsmark in FrontPage Magazine, 3 May 2006

Still, it’s not all doom and gloom. Happily there are “small indications that there may be a silent majority in Europe who can be appealed to – Fortuyn, after all, probably would have been the Prime Minister of the Netherlands had he not been shot”.