Weekly summary 15-21 April

Reports and comment from Islamophobia Watch 15-21 April 2013

‘They gave into Islamophobia’: Omar Mustafa criticises Social Democrat leaders  21/4/13

Bill Maher: Comparing violence of Islam to Christianity ‘liberal bullsh*t’  21/4/13

Brigitte Gabriel says Boston bombers are part of ‘an army of Islam’  21/4/13

After Boston, we should put Muslims under surveillance, says Rep. King  21/4/13

Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s wife Katherine Russell wore the hijab after converting to Islam  20/4/13

UN condemns Germany for failing to take action against Sarrazin’s racism  19/4/13

‘Anti-Shariah law’ passes Florida House  19/4/13

EDL organiser released without charge  18/4/13

Injured Saudi student still the focus of conspiracy theories  18/4/13

Erik Rush wasn’t joking when he said kill Muslims  18/4/13

Hate crimes follow Boston bombing  18/4/13

‘Terrorist scumbags’ graffiti on Cambridge mosque site  18/4/13

‘Medieval’ coroner’s courts delay burials, claim Muslim families  18/4/13

US Muslims ‘holding their breath’ as Boston investigators hunt for bomber  18/4/13

Sweden: Protests mount in support of Omar Mustafa  17/4/13

Top ten ways Islamic law forbids terrorism  17/4/13

Russian university lifts hijab ban – prosecutor’s office  17/4/13

Norway employer regrets hijab gaffe  17/4/13

Ex-Marine who says he set Ohio mosque fire to avenge soldier deaths gets 20 years in prison  17/4/13

Greece must combat racial violence: Council of Europe  17/4/13

CAIR asks Fox News to drop contributor who tweeted ‘kill’ all Muslims  16/4/13

French hold negative views of Islam  16/4/13

Crowdfunding hate  16/4/13

Why do the French hate the hijab?  16/4/13

New York: Man leaving mosque threatened, followed by armed suspect in SUV  16/4/13

Fascists claim they’re protesting against sexism  16/4/13

A protest designed to spread fear  16/4/13

Boston bombing: Geller blames a ‘Jihadi’  16/4/13

Knifeman ordered Bristol women to take off hijabs  16/4/13

Anti-Islamic hate-crime rate differs greatly among states, US study finds  15/4/13

French court ruling reignites ‘laicite’ vs headscarf debate  15/4/13

Racist and Nazi graffiti at French mosque site  15/4/13

Inquiry launched after Islamic group holds segregated lecture  15/4/13

Islamophobia and free speech in Denmark  15/4/13

Geller gets to speak at Long Island synagogue  15/4/13

Muslim communities successfully integrating  15/4/13

Leading Muslim forced out of Swedish Social Democrats  15/4/13